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[Sticky] ANNFELANSANM... Let's join our ideas and projects for the development of Haïti

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  ANNFELANSANM is a e-Magazine platform that will be the voice for all of our Haitian brothers and sisters, to impart their ideas for the prosperity of Haiti. Our objective is to discover and present the hidden treasures of the country named La Perle des Antilles.

Via this e-Magazine :
1) We will learn and reconnect with our ancestors who gave their lives for our freedom
2) Promote our culture (agriculture, dance, music, sports spirituality, and history)
3) Embrace all projects that will bring value to the country.

4) Inter-connect the departments via railroad systems.
5) Renovate all Forts and make them the centers of attraction.
6) Reinvent how we do agriculture. Just to name a few; sugar, coffee, cotton and cacao.

We are up to the challenge. Please let’s join our voices, minds and spirits to trace the path of freedom and save our future generation.
We did it before and we can do it again by rebuilding the country.

Checkout our magazines via this link ...

“L’Union Fait La Force” which means “Union Makes Strength”

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Checkout these videos below / Gade videyo sa yo anba a